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Bio Portfolio Facelift


26th March 2010

Bio Portfolio Facelift

While being in the top 50,000 of anything may not sound particularly impressive it does carry rather more weight when you consider that there are now estimated to be over 155 million others lower down in the rankings. We are of course talking about websites, and in particular – a website ranked within these top 50,000 sites in the world.

We were recently asked to devise some much-needed changes to the design of the website and are happy to say they’ve finally gone live as of today. While much larger changes are in the pipeline it’s been an exciting process to work with Bio Portfolio on these updates and we believe we’ve made some very effective improvements to the way the site looks and behaves.

See the following before and after screenshots for a flavour of the changes being implemented:



As a part of the process of working on such a large site we’ve made many improvements to our internal methods leading to an efficient and well documented process that we hope to apply to other sites in the future.

Bio Portfolio

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