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Multi-Language Websites and Domain Names


12th February 2010

Multi-Language Websites and Domain Names

We've just added a bunch of new alternative domains to the OSEDirectory website to encourage the search engines to better index the website in the local search engine languages.

Most international top level domains have the requirement for the domain owner (or business) to be resident or located in the country to which the domain refers. In order to get round the need to be resident  we have opted for using these .cn/.de etc. domains as an alternative approach.

When you land on the domain it automatically renders the site in the relevant language by default, but gives the option to change the site's language to something else if you wish. This means that although you may have stumbled upon the German site you may still prefer to read the site in Modern Arabic. The site design allows for this.

Multiple Language Websites - International Websites - Translations

If you're interested in developing a multiple language website, or want to know more about the issues involved in localising your site, then please call Jon Sloper on 01300 320076.

ps. you can now buy these kinds of domain names through Alacrify.

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