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Contacting Clients


6th November 2009

Contacting Clients

At the moment we are working through a long list of new clients that we have just taken on from CNL24. Now we are registrars for both .uk and .com/.net domain names and have taken on the hosting of CNL24's former clients we are now in the process of getting in touch with each of them to get to know them all a bit better and check that all the services we're offering are working OK for them.

This is a really interesting process. It's fascinating hearing about all these companies and getting to know their owners a little better. We're also making sure that we're giving them good value for money for the services that they want, whether that's email only, full web hosting or just domain name registration.

I really enjoy making these calls. Occasionally it's not a good time for people to talk when I ring, but often we end up chatting for a quarter or half an hour. Sometimes in the course of the call we may discuss our other services and we'll talk about whether we can help with any of their website design needs. Sometimes they'd like help with setting up new email accounts. Sometimes they'd like to look at new web projects altogether. This lucky dip quality to the calls makes them very exciting and interesting.

Occasionally it is a chance for the customers act on ideas that they've had in mind for a long time but haven't got round to sorting out. One example is a customer who has multiple domain names, most of which are handled by another registrar. When I called they asked if we could transfer the remaining couple of domain names to the registrar who managed the majority of their domains so that it would be easier and more convenient to administer them all together. That was no trouble at all and we were able to sort it all out immediately, which was really pleasing for the client. It also gave me a vicarious satisfaction knowing that they'd been able to tie up some loose ends that had been niggling away for some time.

Part of this process has led to specific new pieces of work and I'll say more about these as they come to fruition in the coming weeks. It's been an interesting and exciting time.

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