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A Flurry of New Business


13th October 2009

A Flurry of New Business

As the first frosts have arrived and the leaves begun to turn we've had a flurry of new website build requests from several local businesses. A couple of them are re-designs and a couple are complete new-builds. I think the changing seasons often act as a bit of an unconscious trigger for change and new developments. The "back to school" quality of the start of autumn seems to be ingrained in the psyche and that sense of a new start and new opportunities often results in more enquiries and work for us.

We're working on the finishing touches to a couple of new sites at the moment, both for large businesses, one of which sells remote operated underwater vehicles, and the other is a wine importer. We're also undertaking a consultation process for a national consortium who are looking at the feasibility of commissioning a web based business-management system for their members' to use. This is a fascinating project and is a real privilege to get to see the inside view on some of the consortium's businesses. I hope we'll be able to deliver a system that will give them all real practical advantages and assistance with running their businesses.

Now there are three of us in the office every day, our productivity has risen rapidly and our project planning discussions have also been enriched by the additional creativity and ideas that Stefan and Pete bring to the process. Three heads are definitely better than one, and should help us to keep pace with this period of increasing demand.

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