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Excellent Service and Great Customer Care


16th October 2009

Excellent Service and Great Customer Care

When Alacrify went through its recent transitions we made some big changes to how the business is run as well as what we do. Taking on new staff was a major step forward and has brought about many excellent new opportunities as well as increasing our productivity. We also changed our accounts system over to Sage and this week we had a lovely support call from their customer service department to see how we're getting on.

I'm not usually a fan of these sorts of calls as they usually feel more like "up-selling" rather than checking we're OK with their services or products; but this time it was a really pleasant conversation and in fact allowed me to double check one aspect of the system that had puzzled me. They not only answered my question clearly, but left me with a smile on my face after the call.

Another similar call came in later from Nominet. As we are new registrars the call was a simple introduction from our account manager to see if everything is OK and whether we needed any help with anything. Again the call was excellent, just the right combination of professional and friendly combined with a sense of genuine concern and interest to make sure everything is OK for us.

As a company that does most of our business by email and phone, I hope we make a similar impression when our clients call in to talk to us.

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