Alacrify Ltd

Building Sites


23rd October 2009

Building Sites

This month we've had a busy time of building brand new websites for several of our clients and now we are preparing for a different kind of building site as our new office is being built. Groundworks are being started next week if the weather holds and the office is being built in the second week of November.

Although the juggling of web work and project management for the office build has been challenging at times we're fortunate to have some great people working on the new building project whose experience and expertise is reassuring and confidence-inspiring. They've really helped to take some of the stress out of the whole process, and while I've not yet reached the stage of being really excited by it all (there's still too much to organise to get too carried away yet) I have begun to get little glimmers of excitement as the project starts to become a tangible reality.

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