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International Language Sites


7th October 2009

International Language Sites

The sixteen different language-specific versions of the new OSE Directory website are now live. In addition to being able to change the language of the site when you are already on one of the pages, you can also visit the site in your own language straight away.

We have created a series of alternatives or "aliases" of the site that show the chosen languages by default. You can still select a different one when you're on the site, but when you first visit it will already be in your chosen language.

Below is a list of the different language-specific sites for you to visit:

and of course the English version

The creation of these international language-specific sites means we can index each version separately in the major search engines, and create a presence for OSE Directory on each of the different international versions of Google, Yahoo!, and so on.

I'll keep you posted on the results.

If you're interested in developing a completely translated version of your website then please give us a ring on 01300 320076 or email to discuss the possible options.

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