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Multiple Language Website Launched


2nd October 2009

Multiple Language Website Launched

Today we launched the new OSE Directory website; a global health and safety and environmental suppliers directory run by Bay Publishing. It features suppliers of personal protection equipment and environmental testing and analysis equipment, and draws on Bay Publishing's reputation and experience in the field of Health and Safety and Environmental publishing.

The OSE Directory is a fast, customer-focused one-stop-shop for people wishing to find suppliers of health and safety or environmental equipment or services. Zoned in 2 areas - health and safety and environmental - it presents a clear path to find local suppliers around the world.

As a global site it has been developed in 16 languages, offering completely translated user experiences for the following languages: simplifed chinese, traditional chinese, czech, spanish, french, german, portuguese, polish, korean, japanese, russian, italian, turkish, modern arabic, swedish and of course english.

The challenges of localising the site, including making a right-to-left version for the arabic language site, have been complex and demanding. We worked closely with the client and their translation company to try to achieve a high level of accuracy and clarity in the design for each language. We also had to address multiple language database issues as well as numerous cross-browser compatibility issues.We think the end results are worth the effort though.

Feedback from Bay Publishing has been really positive and their advertisers have also been impressed by the whole project. If you would like to get in touch with Bay Publishing to discuss advertising on the site then use the site's contact form which you can find here and they will be glad to hear from you.

Some of the technical issues in building a multi-language website are extremely complex, but interesting from a web designers' point of view. I will revisit some of the ideas and tips behind the process in a later blog story.

If you're interested in commissioning or developing a multi-language website then please ring me on 01300 320076 to discuss your ideas and see if we can offer you any help with the project.

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