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Using our New Micro CMS - Client Recommendations


3rd September 2009

Using our New Micro CMS - Client Recommendations

Meriel Thurstan is a botanical artist who works with the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens at Heligan as a teacher and author. This year we have developed two new websites for her, and 

As part of the development we have provided our new Micro CMS (Content Management System) on several pages on these sites to allow Meriel to maintain the page content herself. This is her story...

I came fairly late in life to the idea of a website, and was completely intimidated by people who said nonchalantly,
'Oh, you can set it up yourself.'

Uuhhh - no!

So it was very good to find that you would be able to design it for me.

Besides one for myself, I also needed one for the South West Society of Botanical Artists, of which I am the chairman, which you have also designed and set up for us.

However, the trouble with a truly active website is that it needs regular updating, and I was keen to avoid the cumbersome - and time-consuming - process of telling you what I want, seeing it on the screen, realising it wasn't quite right, getting you to change it, and so on. I knew that I would put up with something less than perfect rather than keep asking you to make changes. Which makes a mockery of the idea of an active and up-to-date website.

So your new Micro CMS system was a real gift - and so user-friendly I can hardly believe it. Now I can go onto my website, put in a user name and password, type in what I want, check that it is correct and then save it - all in the space of a few minutes. And I can do it as often as I like at no extra cost, which is a real bonus!

Absolute magic! Thank you so much.
Meriel Thurstan

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