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New Starter - Peter Rickard


14th August 2009

New Starter - Peter Rickard

On Monday Peter Rickard started work for Alacrify on a three month contract as a trainee web developer for the company. Coming straight from college his ambition to work his way into the web design industry fitted perfectly with our goals to grow the business and at the same time to give opportunities to other people for personal development and training within this industry.

Pete's design background and experience in photography give him an eye for good design ideas and an understanding of the basic principles of usability and layout. We are building on this awareness, and his enthusiasm to learn, by giving him a thorough introduction to web design from the ground up; starting with XHTML and CSS and hopefully moving onto some more advanced PHP training too.

In addition to offering this training and development, Pete is also getting an insight in to the development of Alacrify, meeting clients and participating in some of the discussions about new projects that are on the horizon. His friendly and approachable attitude mean he's already made a good impression with those that he's met this week. And his commitment to training has meant that he's already exceeded my attainment expectations within the first 5 days of working for us. I'm really pleased to have him on the team and I hope that this first week becomes the start of a brilliant career in web services and design with Alacrify.

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