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Introducing Charley and Our New Micro CMS


12th August 2009

Introducing Charley and Our New Micro CMS

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we've been working on a Micro CMS system which allows customers with brochure websites to maintain content  on their own sites for themselves. This week saw the new system go live.

The idea for this super lightweight maintenance option came from the fact that in almost every case, customers with brochure websites (which are by and large mostly full of static information), normally would like to have the means to update text and images on at least one or two of their pages: the home page and news pages for example. The cost of using our Simple CMS makes it a poor choice for this kind of application, and so we developed a new solution specifically for this purpose.

Our new system allows the customer to maintain the main text on any given page of their website. We can set up the system to work with one, several or all of their website pages, allowing them the freedom to keep their site information up to date without having to send it through to us to make the changes.

Introducing Charley

A key part of the design involved making the system feel really friendly and welcoming, as well as being easy to use. And so we found 'Charley', the little mouse that sits at the top of the page and looks cute and friendly. Hopefully this gives a softer and more relaxed feel to the system and a subliminal message that makes users less nervous and stressed about using the Micro CMS. And finally, Charley's presence might just raise a smile or two.


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