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A Week of Change


7th August 2009

A Week of Change

This week has been another milestone in the growth of Alacrify. As I've mentioned elsewhere on this site, Alacrify has now moved into a new phase of growth and development this summer.

This week Bill Crumbleholme left Alacrify to run his new ArtSeeker company with his wife Diane. This has been a long-standing project that he and I have worked on throughout Bill's time at Alacrify and finally this Summer we reached a point where it could take wings as a separate business.

Bill's longstanding involvement in the arts and his phenomenal commitment to the artistic community in the region now forms the bedrock of this new arts marketing and development business. Alacrify has provided the web-infrastructure to support this business and we will continue to work closely together to support ArtSeeker and make it a great success.

We're also looking forward to having new staff to work for Alacrify. We're in the closing straights with sorting out contracts and terms and conditions for two new developers. I'll introduce them as soon as the ink is dry on the contracts...

We've also had to put in a planning application for a new office to be built to accommodate our new employees and me over the next couple of years. We're waiting with bated breath for the outcome. The parish council will be considering the application in early September.

And on the work front we've been working on a new "Micro CMS" (content management system) to bolt onto our standard brochure websites to allow clients to make small content changes to their own websites without having to call us, or invest in the Simple CMS system that would be inappropriate for their needs. We should be rolling out the first 3 implementations of ths Micro CMS system in the next couple of weeks.

I'll post more information and some screen shots when they're in place...


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