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The Kindness of Strangers


4th August 2009

The Kindness of Strangers

As is so often the case it never rains, but it pours! While we are going through the upheavals of this current period of growth as a business, there's been a huge increase in every-day work from our clients. This has led to some difficult prioritisation decisions - including "to sleep or not to sleep" - to make sure everything is done properly and in good time.

Thankfully we've been admirably supported by many people as everything is sorted out in preparation for this new phase of Alacrify's development. We've some great friends and suppliers who've offered support and advice on everything from recruitment processes, insurance and contracts, accounting and much more. Everything you could hope for in making the current transitions.

This transition has also needed input from many specialists including accountants, laywers and architects and many others. In each case I have been really pleased and encouraged by the friendly and helpful response that everyone's given. Without exception they have offered help and advice that is above and beyond answering my (often naive) questions. They've taken time to explain things that I need to attend to, and pointed me in the right direction to find more information and resources, and then when I've needed to engage their services (for drawing up contracts or sorting out the office planning application) they've been quick, thoughtful and thorough in delivering the services I need.

These are some of the people who've been incredibly helpful this month...

Scott Vevers - Accountants

Essential Employment Law Services

Neil Williams: Architect

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