Alacrify Ltd

Changes Afoot


27th July 2009

Changes Afoot

As you may have noticed we have been recruiting for a new member of staff at Alacrify to allow us to continue to grow and develop as a business, and continue to provide high quality services to our growing portfolio of clients.

Going through the process of recruitment for the first time as an employer has been really interesting. We received some excellent applications which has made the decision-making process even more difficult than I'd expected.

As with all changes and times of growth there's been lots to sort out and loads to learn. I'm grateful that we've got some very helpful business mentors who've provided good advice and guidance along the way. We've also encountered some excellent people who are providing services to us so we're fully prepared for taking on staff. And as always our accountant has been outstanding.

While this transition is happening it means some very long days work; continuing with client projects during the day, and sorting out the business development in the evenings and weekends. The end is nearly in sight however and we hope to be making some exciting announcements in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!

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