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The Web Is A Wonderful Thing


21st July 2009

The Web Is A Wonderful Thing

For  every question there really does seem to be (some sort) of answer on the web. Today I had a tiny problem with a website page that refused to load completely on Internet Explorer 7. It contained the fantastic "AddThis" widget that allows visitors to bookmark and share the page with their social networking services like FaceBook and Twitter. The page opened fine, and looked complete, but there was a persistent little message in the status bar saying it was waiting for one more item to load.

Having narrowed the cause down to the AddThis component on the page I Googled the issue and immediately the result appeared. Apparently (if you're interested) it's an issue with the Flash element of the AddThis widget that causes this problem. Simply disabling the Flash sorted the problem.

Here's the script that I used. It's inserted ahead of the other AddThis Javascript.

<script type="text/javascript">
var addthis_disable_flash = true;

The site is now behaving properly and I'm happy again!

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