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Making Progress


14th July 2009

Making Progress

This month has been one of our busiest on record. With the final stages of our two largest projects to date reaching completion, the pressure is well and truly on to produce results. Balancing the productive time writing the code for the projects, plus arranging client visits requires a bit of creativity all of its own, not to mention a modest drop of midnight oil on occasion.

Meeting clients is always a pleasure. I've learned a huge amount from the conversations I've had with different clients and different companies over the years. It's often a very privileged position that we find ourselves in with them, hearing the inside track, hopes, ambitions and plans for their futures. This requires trust in us which I'm always surprised and humbled by. In return I feel we are even more committed to the companies and their goals at a personal level as well as professionally.

This insight and understanding is vital in helping to provide appropriate solutions to client requests. This past fortnight we've worked with a new client whose website had been hacked and needed to get a replacement made.

We gave them the option of a CMS (content management system) solution that would be similar to their current version (obviously minus the hacking) or a brochure site that matched their present site content. As the site was relatively modest we suggested that the brochure version would be more sensible and cheaper to deliver and that's what they chose. I am happy that it is a better choice for their needs than a CMS, and that they will have just as much success with their web-promotion as a result, and so hopefully their ROI (return on investment) will be that much better.

As we go about recruiting new staff too this month, I hope that we can find someone who will share this commitment to our clients and be able to build on and develop similar relationships of their own when they join Alacrify.

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