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How We Get More Website Traffic


29th June 2009

How We Get More Website Traffic

The past 2 weeks have started to show the effect of the search engine optimisation, Google Maps and other promotional work that we've done for The Gables holiday cottage in Crail (in Fife, near St Andrews golf course).

About a month ago now we set The Gables up on Google Maps using the Local Business Center services that Google offers. This allowed us to show The Gables on any geographical search for holiday accommodation in the area in and around Crail. We also refined the site content too to make the most of the key words that are likely to draw suitable visitors to the site - ie. holiday, cottage, accommodation, self-catering, etc. The final piece of the jigsaw was to register the site with several regional holiday websites that offered free listings.

This combination of actions has now started to drive more traffic to the site. In fact the number of visitors is up by 100% on the previous month.

This process of continuing refinement, development and ongoing optimisation of a website is vital to building a good website presence. It's not something that happens once and forever. Using statistical analysis of visitors and traffic (we use Google Analytics for this) we monitor and measure the results of all the changes made to the site, and are able to deliver better performance to the client.

The feedback loop does take time to register results however. The lag between making a change to the site and Google re-indexing it for example can be upto 6 weeks in our experience, even using Sitemaps to notify Google of the changes. But patience and thoughtfulness are usually rewarded. This in combination with a well designed site to meet visitors' expectations is a clear path to improving website performance and getting a good return on investment.

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