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New Issue of Reformulation Published


26th June 2009

New Issue of Reformulation Published

Today saw the arrival of the the Summer issue of Reformulation (the journal for the Assocation of Cognitive Analytic Therapy - ACAT) arrive on the doormat. It looks and feels particularly smart with an unusual "ticket" motif on the cover which advertises the forthcoming international conference that is being hosted by ACAT.

We've been designing and publishing the journal for ACAT for about 10 years now, starting with a desktop-published version using MS Publisher, printed by a very small print company, and now creating a sleek and sharp publication using Adobe InDesign and a high volume commercial printer who also handles all the mail shot too.

At 44 pages, this is one of the biggest of the recent issues, but we're expecting a bumper edition for the forthcoming Winter journal. It will be focused on the conference presentations, and on the thorny topic of the state regulation of psychotherapy and psychological therapists. This is a phenomenally controversial issue as various guidelines are drafted and alliances are formed or broken, and much politicking ensues to ensure the right balance of interests between quality control, theoretical and practical integrity and independence, and public service and protection. It looks like being a contentious and explosive issue.

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