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Local Networking - MeetDraw and DorsetDigital


19th June 2009

Local Networking - MeetDraw and DorsetDigital

Last night I went along to the second MeetDraw gathering which happened at Key West, at the end of Bournemouth Pier. Having missed the first event I had no real idea about what to expect, other than it would be attended by lots of people in the local digital / new media community. Although networking events are not my prefered habitat, I do enjoy the occasional foray into this environment, and last night was a good experience.

While there was a little bit of "points-scoring" - my company's bigger than yours - which I guess will always happen when people are trying to get the measure of one another, the atmosphere was very open and friendly. As with Dorset Digital meetings that I also normally frequent, most people are happy to talk to peers about current issues in the digital / web sector that affect us all. Comments on the economy, latest tech and issues with growth and expansion made for some interesting conversations.

Making the effort to mingle and get to know some of the people there was very rewarding, as well as interesting. It always surprises me (and I suppose it shouldn't really now as it's such a regular experience) that there are so many creative people in this sector working in Dorset. Without doubt there seems to be a lot clustered in and around Bournemouth and Poole, but there are many others (like us at Alacrify) who work farther afield in the smaller towns and villages of the county. And their diversity of work and client portfolio is remarkably catholic and cosmopolitan.

Events like MeetDraw and DorsetDigital are always a source of inspiration and interest for me, almost by osmosis the buzz of interest and creativity seeps in while talking and listening to other professionals in the industry. And working in the digital Dorset diaspora, these occasions are a key part of my own professional and businesss development, building a sense of connection and community that continues afterwards on Twitter, Skype and email over the following weeks and months. And last but by no means least it gives a warm glow to feel a part of a community of brilliant companies and individuals working in digital media in Dorset.

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