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Going Cuckoo: Achieving Work-Life Balance


11th June 2009

Going Cuckoo: Achieving Work-Life Balance

At the moment we are very fortunate to be facing the challenge of managing many different projects simultaneously. Juggling priorities to make sure they are all moving ahead, while not working 24/7 is a perpetual challenge and occasional source of stress.

This past week I've taken advantage of these long summer evenings to do my bit towards the community allotments in the village by putting up a rabbit-proof fence at the front of the community plots. Creating a sturdy and reasonably smart piece of fencing over the course of this week has been a really good antidote to the incredible amount of website code I've worked on each day.

This evening as I was putting a coat of wood-preservative on the finished fence a cuckoo was calling in the valley accompanied by the most wonderful song thrush. After the sun had set and the fence was painted I went home feeling like I'd had two days in one - work followed by a mini-break; a perfect way to unwind.

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