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Improving Search Engine Ranking


12th June 2009

Improving Search Engine Ranking

The recent re-launch of John Bullock's lighting design website is now beginning to bear fruit with increased search engine performance. Visitor numbers up by 54%, page views up 214%, pages per visit up 105% and bounce rate down by 16.5%.

These stats show the positive impact of investing in a larger site which has been thoughtfully optimised for search engine performance. Increased visitor numbers speak for themselves, but the reduction in bounce rate also indicates a better quality visit to the site for those that click through (they don't just leave the site as soon as they arrive). In addition the duration of visit has increased by 72% which along with the increased pages per visit means that people find more information to interest them and take time to look around.

These results have been achieved by having a clear understanding of the business goals of These have been clearly interpreted in the design and content of the website, and particularly in the advice we have given on copywriting and other elements of the SEO package.

This isn't our only recent success story. has gone from strength to strength with their holiday accommodation being booked almost through to Christmas already. Their website visitor numbers are up, but the bookings are the real litmus test for the success of the recent changes to this website.

If you're in need of some help to get your business website performing better, and converting more visitors to customers then give me a ring on 01300 320076 to see what difference we could make to your e-marketing and e-business endeavours.

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