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New Issue of Reformulation Sent to Print


5th June 2009

New Issue of Reformulation Sent to Print

Today has been a busy mixture of meetings and deadlines. The morning was a project meeting for one of the big pieces of work we're doing at the moment; a chance to catch up and plan the next steps. This afternoon has been spent with a fine-toothed comb, putting the finishing touches to the new issue of 'Reformulation' which [the journal for ACAT:] Its now flying through the ether to the printer and should be ready for delivery in 2 weeks time.

The mixture of the social and the techy has been good and a nice way to end the week. Hitting production deadlines is always stressful and I shall be glad not to be worrying about Reformulation for the next couple of months.

The big projects are centre stage now and will occupy most of the forthcoming weeks. As a little "light relief" there will are some brochure websites that are also in progress that will be launched and/or relaunched in June too. We're looking forward to another challenging month ahead.

I heard this morning that the mackeral are in and have been seen in Weymouth harbour. I saw some myself when snorkelling off the coast last weekend too. It's about time again to get out and catch a few for supper I think!

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