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Getting Your Business On The Map


2nd June 2009

Getting Your Business On The Map

I have just completed the registration process to get The Gables Holiday Cottage, Crail onto Google Maps. This is almost the final piece of the jigsaw in promoting this lovely holiday home on the web.

We launched the site about a month ago now and are now happy that it has found its way across most of the search engines, and in particular to Google. The next task has been to set it up as "location" on Google Maps.

To do this we used Google's "Local Business Center" and registered "The Gables" as a new listing. We then put the full business details plus photos, and web/email links on the site and submitted it for indexing. Having verified the listing ownership by phone it is now live on Google.

What this means in practice is that the relatively tiny site now sits among the "big boys" in the area, and has every chance of appearing on the front page of a Google search that includes "Crail" as a search term. At the moment it is a little way off the top spot, but we're confident that it will move up the listings as it gets more widely indexed.

We're also in the process of listing the new website with a lot of free holiday accommodation listing websites for the area. This should increase its exposure and enhance Google's impression of it as a widely indexed site. We'll be tracking the results and let you know how well it all works.

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