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Road Angel Fleet Tracking for CNL24


29th May 2009

Road Angel Fleet Tracking for CNL24

Our partners at CNL24 are now offering a fantastic set of fleet tracking services from Road Angel. Fleet Monitor, Fleet Locator and Live Track are all available directly through CNL24.

To mark this new development in their business we have added a new section to their website which mirrors the Fleet Angel website content, but is branded within the CNL24 corporate style. The results look really smart, and both Fleet Angel and CNL24 are really happy with the results.

We've been working with CNL24 for several years now, offering our website and design skills to their clients as part of CNL24's portfolio of services. This partnership means a seamless service for their clients, and a wider service offering from CNL24. If you would like to develop a similar partnership with us at Alacrify then please do get in touch.

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