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A Breezy Start to the Summer


22nd May 2009

A Breezy Start to the Summer

The breezy weather of the past week has been echoed in the flurry of new work that we've received. Since the beginning of May we've been commissioned to work on another six new website projects. Some of them are re-brands, some of them we are taking on the maintenance of the clients' existing sites, and some are to build new websites from scratch.

For me this brings another wave of creativity and interest that are so vital in keeping my love for this type of work alive. The challenge of each new project impacts on so many levels; the visually creative, technical, intellectual and most of all relational.

In a previous incarnation I was a youth worker and studied psychology and psychotherapy. The enjoyment of building relationships and understanding what makes people tick has re-emerged in my business life in a way that I was not expecting. At the heart of it is the fact that I find people fascinating, and getting to know them is always an enjoyable, if sometimes slightly cautious, experience. Building trust and inspiring confidence can take time especially when a client is out of his or her comfort zone, or if s/he has been poorly treated in the past. But the effort is always rewarded and is always worthwhile. That's not to say that I always win the piece of work - if that was my goal then I think it would be even harder to build relationships - but hopefully by the end of the encounter we've both enjoyed the interaction and parted with more than we arrived; more knowledge, greater insight, deeper understanding, and new friendships.

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