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Robin Mills - Photographs of Dorset


15th May 2009

Robin Mills - Photographs of Dorset

This afternoon we have launched an updated version of Robin Mills's fantastic photography website. It profiles him as a photographer and farmer, living and working in the Dorset countryside, and features his extraordinary black and white photographs.

We created Robin's original website almost 4 years ago now, when screens were smaller and most people were still on dial-up internet connections (remember them?). The brief for this first site, was "small but perfectly formed" with a set of sensible sized galleries that only took a few moments to load even over a ropey internet connection.

This year we have updated Robin's site, increasing it's size and the size or his photographs, and also widening its scope to take in his recent "FarmLife" and "Marshwood Vale Magazine" portfolios.

In the Eye of the Beholder

Seeing Robin's photographs always make me stop and pause to appreciate them. It's never possible to just glance at the images - they demand your attention, draw you in, imbuing the moment with the atmosphere of the place and story. This is especially true of his landscapes and seascapes which almost make you hold your breath as you appreciate the extraordinary compositions, and quiet drama of the scenes he has photographed.

Robin's mastery of the monochomatic image is also evident in the portraiture on his site. Again the images hold you in their gaze, lead you to wonder about the stories behind the faces and places depicted. If you've five minutes to spare, do pay the site a visit.

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