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Brilliant New Seashore Book from River Cottage


8th May 2009

Brilliant New Seashore Book from River Cottage

The new seashore book from river cottage is now out and frankly it's brilliant. It's written by John Wright - the mushroom man from River Cottage - and has the same witty style as his very popular mushroom handbook.

The book covers all sorts of interesting edible plants and animals that you can uncover with a bit of time spent playing along the seashore. We had the pleasure of visiting Ringstead Bay with John a couple of weeks ago and he introduced us to about a half dozen edible seaweeds within a few metres of beach.

We've tried the seaweed pannacotta, and it is delicious. A lovely soft dessert with aromatic hints of the seashore, quite unlike anything else I've eaten, and something I'll be cooking again. You can now buy the book on Amazon and here is a link so you can see the book for yourself...

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