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In-Tuition Tutoring - a place where your child can be shown the way to success in their learning, regardless of level, ability and aspirations. In-Tuition is in the business of recognising that the 1:30 ratio in the typical classroom isn't enough for many students. 1:1 teaching and learning means that the 3 way collaboration between child-parent-tutor can result in a personalised learning plan that is intuitive.

With the help of Alacrify, In-Tuition Tutoring was able to set up a website for their clients and potential clients to get a feel of what they can offer and also if you're a new customer it is also a place of reference to get in touch with them.

"'Having my own website has always been a dream.  I wanted to embrace the power of the internet to reach audiences you can't do in any other way.  Thanks to Alacrify, this dream was realised.  My concerns about the technicalities and complexities of website construction were completed absorbed by Alacrify; I simply had to provide the content.  The communication, from start to finish, technical support, simplified user guides and quality of work has been second to none.  Alacrify doesn't just stand for 'to rouse to action'; it stands for outstanding service."

Michelle Holgeth - In-Tuition Tutoring

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Christmas 2017 Office Shutdown

This year we will be closing the office from on the 22nd December 2017 and re-opening for business at on the 2nd January 2018.

Alacrify: 8th Dec 2017 11:29:00


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