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Georgina Maynard Portraits

Georgina Maynard has spent most of her life working as an antiques dealer and journalist in Europe and the United States. Based in Dorset for the last twenty years she has worked with many international designers and written for a wide selection of prestigious art magazines. Ten years ago she decided to retire from her previous businesses to dedicate her time to painting.

This journey has taken her back to becoming a full time university student 'A wonderful and stretching experience - but I soon decided that portraiture was where by passion and ability lay'. She has always been interested in animals, particularly dogs and horses, riding all her life she understands and has studied the underlying anatomy and brings this to her work. She loved painting people, especially accompanied by their animals, and feels this brings another dimension to the work. Most of her commissions so far have come by word of mouth.

During the last year Georgina has started to run Art Workshops on the Cruise Ship Minerva and has also started lecturing again.

With the help of Alacrify, Georgina was able to showcase her work on her new look website (which she is able to maintain herself where ever she is in the world) and is also able to let visitors know where she will be if they wish to join her on a cruise or at a local event.

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